Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne collection is associated with US Airborne divisions that were born during the Second World War. They were the first to be exposed to danger and the first ones to face death. Their most famous motto was “Death from Above” symbolized by a skull that was a reminder to them of both their power and vulnerability. The 502 Parachute Infantry Regiment wore skull emblems. The skull is a very strong reference to the silent death. That descends on the adversary when the paratroopers are dropped. At dawn On June 6th, 1944, 13,000 American parachutists from the 101st Airborne Division and the 82nd Airborne Division were dropped on Normandy. They are, particularly well trained, particularly well equipped, who had been given a particularly interesting mission. The values of paratroopers are courage, love of challenge, the drive to conquer and the desire to succeed. Values that are perfectly translated to civil society. Death is everywhere in a war. That’s why soldiers like to have fetishes-talismans and good luck charms. Bruno Belamich, a designer of Bell&Ross, said he found the symbol like one finds the paratroopers-a universal symbol of the skull. The skull is a good luck charm that is widely used, and Bell&Ross launched BR 01 Airborne Talisman watch In 2009. In the following years, another 3 members joined the BR 01 Airborne collection.

Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne
The BR 01 Airborne reinvents the notion of the talisman, and personifies the very spirit of these outstanding men. It is a genuine tribute to the noblest of military values as well as to the bravery of soldiers who face death on a daily basis to defend their country. The Bell&Ross Airborne is interesting because the classic BR 01 Instrument design has been reproduced and by chance the skull and crossbones fit exactly into the space. It is an interesting concept. We should see it as a life insurance policy for those risking their lives. It’s symbolic. It is a philosophical watch. It is a watch that carries meaning.

Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne, 46mm, is equipped with a mechanical movement with automatic winding. It’s limited to 500 pieces, water resistant to 100 meters.

Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne II
Bell & Ross BR 01 Airborne II expressed the second tribute to military paratroopers at 2011 SIHH. Its inspiration and exterior design keep consistent with the first Airborne watch. The skull and crossbones are fused into the square watch case perfectly. Surface treatment of watch case of BR 01 Airborne II presents gun-barrel-typed polished effect. Due to repetitive polishing treatment, every of Airborne II watches look distinctive. Sharp teeth-shaped hour markers are visible through sapphire crystal. The skull watch is equipped with a self-winding movement, ETA 2892. It’s limited to 999 pieces, water resistant to 100 meters.

Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne Titanium 672 / Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne Titanium 415
All of Bell&Ross BR 01 skull-themed watches are equipped with 46mm watch cases, Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne 672 and Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne 415 included. They are more luxury than the first generation Limited Edition and the second generation Limited Edition. For Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne 415, the skull and crossbones are decorated with black diamonds and white diamonds. You must be surprised on the full-diamond watch case when you see Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne 672. To echo the diamond watch cases, the two models are equipped with stingray skin watch straps. It will bring you good luck after either of them become your talisman.