Bell & Ross Brand Introduction

Founded in 1992, Bell & Ross’s brand has been considered “big watch style, fashion retro” as its own DNA. In today’s era, it is gradually accepted by the world. Since its inception, the company has been fascinated by aerospace technology design, incorporating elements such as streamlined and aircraft cockpit dashboard into the watch design. With its tough military style, it has become a unique player in the world of watches, and has won many enthusiasts.

Bell and Ross Brand Story

The story of Carlos Rosillo and Bruno Belamich’s entry into the watchmaking industry dates back to 1992. They were all 28 years old at the time. They have a common hobby- watches.

In order to get the diploma, Bruno Belamich presented a watch topic under development to his team of professors. It is an ambitious and beautiful plan. However, one of the professors expressed deep suspicion and urged his colleagues not to approve. Fortunately, other professors disagreed with the dissident professor, they accepted the idea of the youth. More legendary, the discerning member of the group was once the last manager of the French Japy. At that time, he had to temporarily lay off 3,000 employees.

Although Carlos Rosillo and Bruno Belamich are both French, Bell & Ross is not a French watch brand. The French watch industry has disappeared because it refused to choose between the low-end and high-end markets. However, the Bell & Ross chose the high end and it also set up a watch factory in Switzerland.

As a Swiss watch brand, all parts of the Bell and Ross watch are almost entirely made in Switzerland, and only some of the straps are made in Belgium. Strictly speaking, the start of the brand is not difficult. At the beginning, the two partners, each invested 20,000 euros, and were assisted by the famous German military watch brand Sinn, so that their watch factory was on the right track in a short time, and later it got the help from Lothar Schmidt, the production director of IWC.

In 1995, the Bell & Ross watches made their debut at the Basel exhibition. The scene was a bit embarrassing. Rosillo and Belamich used a Twingo car as a stand and placed their watches in the car. The car was very close to the fair, so the buyers even included some prestigious people cannot miss this young team. This exhibition has made Bell and Ross a great success.

In 1997, Rosillo and Belamich, who were eager to start a business but lacked funds, signed a financial agreement with Chanel. Chanel became a minority but significant shareholder, enabling it to function properly. The current factory of Bell & Ross is built in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Bell & Ross Brand Speciality

The Bell and Ross Timepiece embodies the brand’s enthusiasm and dedication, and strives to provide professional users with the most clear and easy-to-read reliable wrist partners. Bell and Ross guarantees that every timepiece is strictly guided by four principles, clear display, excellent function, precise alignment and stable performance.

Clear Display: the dial design is based on clear and simple reading;

Excellent Function: each timepiece has a specific practical function;

Precise Alignment: each watch is the result of strict Swiss watchmaking technology, ensuring accurate function.

Stable Performance: the performance of the Bell & Ross watch is as good as the professional military timepiece, whether in the sea, land or air, the performance of Bell and Ross is consistent.