On March 10, 2019, the British Royal Family released the “social media interaction principle” to public, which clearly stipulated in the Royal Family’s social media platforms, people shall not be released “abusive or offensive words”, and the in violation of the principle of social media trolls, the Royal Family will have the right to ban the account, and reserve the right to resort to law.

In a statement, the Palace said the warning was intended to provide a safe environment for the royal family’s social network and called on users to show “courtesy, kindness, and respect”.

The royal website also warned that the Royal Family reserves the right to “hide or delete” comments, “We also reserve the right to send any comments we deem appropriate to law enforcement authorities for investigation as we feel necessary or is required by law”.

This has happened after a great deal of abuse and online violence at the Duchesses of Cambridge and the Duchesses of Sussex, two great royals.

Online abuse of Kate and Meghan has been on the rise after months of reports in the British press about their long-running feud.

While most of the abuse focused on sexism, there were also racist comments against Meghan, with some even accusing them of walking funny, with heels too high or legs too thin. That prompted Kensington Palace to turn to social media companies in January to address the problem.

Media coverage of the princesses has been rife with rumors

Last month, Kensington Palace staff spent hours a week editing and deleting posts that included racist and sexist abuse and threatening comments, the Guardian reported.

In fact, in addition to the British Royal Family, a large number of domestic and foreign political, business, show business celebrities, and stars have suffered from Internet violence.

For example, Leslie Jones, a black American actress, announced her departure from Twitter after her Twitter account was viciously attacked and bullied by racial discrimination, which due to the polarizing audience comments on her performance in the Expendables.

Serious network violence has also caused a lot of public and media antipathy and opposition. In January, celebrity magazine Hello! has been launched a campaign to change the way people post online in response to a surge in online abuse against the two princesses.

To deal with Internet violence, it is necessary for the majority of Internet users to view social phenomena rationally and objectively. Bell & Ross calls on the public to use the Internet rationally and in a civilized way to build a harmonious, orderly and healthy online order.

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