Fabula’s Terms and Conditions 

By using this website and Fabula mobile apps you are considered to have read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. https://fabula.im has been set up in accordance with all appropriate laws and regulations. All materials and books are under protection by the appropriate copyright laws. These Terms and Conditions will help you to use this website and mobile applications in the proper way. As a consequence, please read the following statements carefully before using the Fabula service.

Using Fabula

Fabula allows you to have an account on https://fabula.im and/or Fabula mobile apps. You can download the application to access a free catalog of 13,000 classics titles, create and discover readlists, publish and share your materials, follow other users’ readlists, write comments on the highlights (marked parts of text) and leave reviews of books. Fabula reserves the right to apply limitations to the amount of titles read by a subscriber in a case of excessive use of the service. Fabula may ask you to share some personal information, such as your name, surname, and email address with us. Your personal information will not be shared with third parties and will not be seen publicly without your consent. Your email address will be used to inform you of future changes and updates at https://fabula.im. You can find more information by clicking the Fabula Privacy Policy.


Each user has the opportunity to have User Content on Fabula and can download the app, books, create readlists, and share and publish materials. Fabula has the responsibility to follow certain copyright rules and appropriate laws by placing books in the catalog and protecting users’ personal information. But Fabula does not take responsibility for users’ personal accounts or User Content.

- You should be sure that all materials uploaded, published and shared by you are accurate, not pirated, and that your user content obeys the appropriate laws and copyright principles.

- You should take responsibility for your personal account and not give your password to anyone.

- You should be aware of the materials you have published and shared publicly.

- If users upload, publish or share pirated materials or books, then Fabula has the right to remove those materials or user content.

Use License

Fabula allows each registered user to access and use Fabula services. The user’s personal information (name, surname and email address) is specified and no one else is allowed to register with the same personal information. Users can use our services for personal, non-commercial, non-transferred purposes. Users cannot sell, rent, borrow, or license any materials or services through https://fabula.im If the user violates any restrictions, Fabula has the right to remove those materials or user content.

Subscription Renewal & Cancelation

The Fabula subscription is renewed automatically for the next payment period. You will be charged until you cancel your subscription. Your payment data is encrypted and secure.

Refund Policy

Fabula does not offer refunds. Once you cancel your subscription, you will not be billed again, but all previous charges remain. This means that if you have already paid for the month in which the cancelation occurs, that charge will not be refunded.


All of the materials on https://fabula.im are checked as much as possible. Fabula does not warranty the accuracy and reliability of the materials. We DO NOT promise expressed or implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement of intellectual property, or any violation of rights. Fabula also does not take responsibility for the content uploaded by users. In case the copyright owner or other authority requests it, Fabula reserves the right to remove any improper materials uploaded by users.